Atom Tiller 731-6T

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Model: Atom 731
Motor: Atom 26FC
Displacement: 26cc
Power: 0.8kW (1.1hp)
Fuel: 40:1 Petrol/Oil Mix
Weight: 10.9kg (24.2lbs)
Tilling Width T6: 330mm (13”)
Tilling Depth: 200mm (8”)
Gear box reduction: 40:1

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Easy to use
Smooth tilling action
Reduced effort
Variable tilling depth
Easy cleaning
Strong robust construction
Low vibration
Till, cultivate or mulch without changing tines
Integrated wheel system with six step positive height and depth adjustment
Combination aerating/dethatching blades available
Trigger switch control with safety interlock
Strong steel tube handle bars
Atom 26FC fuel efficient E-start engine
Automatic safety clutch
Easy lifting carrying handle
Six position depth adjustment
Easy single action knob release to detach tine guard
Self-sharpening, multi function extra wide tines
Side skirts to minimize dirt spray
Reinforced high strength casing
Cross brace for extra stability


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