Rover R2600 Curved Shaft Line Trimmer

$ 199.00 inc GST


  • Engine 25cc, 2-Stroke
  • Starting Spring Assist™ starting technology reduces starting effort.
  • Starts with a slow, smooth pull
  • Handle Convenient adjustable D-handle for left or right handed use
  • Shaft Curved, two piece shaft offers better balance and gives you a clear view of the area being trimmed
  • Bump Head Bump head line release to instantly release pre-measured line, allowing for continuous operation
  • Cutting Path 43.18cm (17”)
  • Trim Line Diameter 2.03mm (0.08”)
  • Line Speed Diameter 76.2cm (30”)
  • Weight 4.5kg-5kg (10-11lbs) – weight is without fuel
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