Rover R4HB Blower

$ 280.00 inc GST

The Rover R4HB Blower features a 25cc, 4-stroke half crank engine for greater durability. The Spring Starting technology reduces your starting effort.

The airflow velocity of up to 241km/h is powerful enough to clean up leaves, dust, dirt and other yard debris quickly.

The R4HB is also Battery Starter compatible giving you effortless starting to save you time and energy (sold separately).

25cc, 4-stroke half crank engine
Airflow velocity up to 241km/h to clean up the yard fast
Variable speed settings
Battery starter compatible to save you time and energy
Rover R4HB Dust & Leaf Blower Specifications:

Model Number 41AS4ESG333
Engine 25cc, 4-stroke Rover Engine for greater durability
Starting Spring Starting techonolgy reduces starting effort. Starts with a slow, smooth pull
Airflow Velocity Up to 241km/h (150mph)
Speed Settings Variable
Weight 5kg
Accessories Available to purchase separately: Rover Battery Starter
Owner’s Manual 41AS4ESG333 – Rover R4HB Blower Manual
Warranty 2 year engine & 2 year unit domestic warranty. 90 day unit commercial warranty.

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