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TPE Camping Series Invertor Generators use processor controlled “SINE WAVE” wave technology to generate smooth quality electrical output,  which is perfect for laptops and other sensitive electrical equipment, as well as battery chargers, portable fridges, lights and other smaller electrical products.  These generators also feature a Smart Throttle which automatically adjusts the engine speed to meet the load demand of the appliances which are connected to the generator. This improves fuel economy and efficiency. They are designed to be extremely quiet and have long run times. Perfect for camping or that occasional time when the power drops out.

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  • Maximum 2KVA output for wide range of applications
  • 13 hours running on a single tank @ 25% load
  • Low noise only 54 – 59 dB/7m
  • Invertor technology delivers smooth output
  • Smart Throttle adjusts engine speed to demand
  • Light weight of only 22kg delivers super portability
  • Dual Voltage and frequency output for ease of use
  • Fuel filler cap has shutoff to prevent evaporation
  • Choke lever for easy starting
  • Engine switch acts as fuel cutoff switch for safety
  • Manual Recoil starting
  • Starter handle contoured for easy grip
  • Low oil alert