TPE Honda Power – Combi Unit as Picture

$ 1,299.00 inc GST

The HCT Combi Tool is your all in one garden buddy. It combines all the most popular tools used in your garden into one quickly interchangeable multi function tool. The Power head uses a Honda GX25 1.1hp 4 stroke engine, renowned for its quiet operation, low fuel consumption and for being so easy to start. The drive shaft is made of solid high tensile steel for durability and strength in operation.  The alloy shaft splits in two, allowing you to attach one of three or more different function attachments to complete a variety of different jobs around the garden. There is a Line Trimmer with a dual line bump feed head for normal grass and edge trimming, you can remove the nylon head and fit a three blade brushcutting disc for the more serious bush clearing jobs.  For hedge trimming there is a 450mm hedge trimming attachment which can be adjusted to a variety of angles, to allow you to easily trim both horizontally and vertically or several angles in between. There is also a 300mm Pole Saw for trimming those out of reach branches.  We also have an optional mini cultivator attachment which is perfect for tilling the flower bed or veggy garden.

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