TPE – Honda Power – SUPER VAC

$ 1,895.00 inc GST

The TPE SuperVac is a superior quality outdoor vacuum, designed and built in Australia by industry professionals.

Powered by your choice of either a Honda GXV160 engine (TPEGXVSuperVac) or Honda GCV160 engine ( TPEGCVSuperVac pictured), the Supervac is compact, lightweight, rugged and manouverable. The SuperVac surpasses its competitors with its simple design, large intake, and steel impeller, that generates unmatched suction for all types of debris from cans , plastic bottles and general rubbish to wet or dry leaf litter and twigs. It is extremely well balanced with great stability for easy handling. Perfect for schoolyards, pathways, parking areas, tennis courts, bowling greens, driveways, kerbs and gutters. Its light weight and swivel handle design make it ideal for the contractor lifting the SuperVac on and off their truck or trailer. It can also go up and down steps with ease.

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Special features include

  • Kerbside wheels, which run smoothly along kerbs and walls
  • Scraper bar or brush to loosen stuck debris from the ground
  • Swivel handles for easy transport and storage
  • Vacuum may be reversed to use as a powerful blower (with optional Guard)